Police: York man who struck pedestrian in May accident was traveling at twice the posted speed limit

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Y0RK — A York man was traveling at almost twice the posted speed limit when he raced through a red light and struck a pedestrian, causing the victim to suffer long-term brain damage, York police say.

Rashad Day, 27, of Greenwood Road, is charged with aggravated assault by vehicle, reckless driving, careless driving, careless driving resulting in bodily injury, failure to stop at a red signal, driving at unsafe speed, and exceeding maximum speed limits, according to charging documents.

Police say that on May 3, Day drove his 2010 Toyota Rav 4 through the intersection of E. Philadelphia and N. George Streets, running through a red light and striking a pedestrian who was in the crosswalk. The victim suffered serious bodily injury and long-term brain damage, according to charging documents.

During an interview with police at the time, Day said he saw the traffic signal turning from green to yellow and accelerated in an attempt to make it through the intersection before the light turned red, charging documents say.

But video footage of the crash showed that Day entered the intersection after the signal was red, not yellow. Through speed analysis of the video and date from the Event Data Recorder on Day’s vehicle, police say, it was determined that Day’s vehicle was traveling approximately 47 to 49 miles per hour at the time of the accident.

The vehicle speed limit was posted at 25 mph, police say.

Charges against Day were filed on Nov. 16, according to the criminal complaint.