Craig Lehman announces bid for Lt. Governor

via Count Commissioner Craig Lehman's Facebook page

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman announced his bid for Lt. Governor on Tuesday.

Lehman released a statement announcing his candidacy.

It reads:

“Today’s political environment makes it extremely difficult to solve important problems, both large and small. If we are to move Pennsylvania forward, we need to find common ground and work together. Failing to do so only sets Pennsylvania up for failure. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work with the other reasoned voices in Harrisburg to help our Commonwealth succeed.

Earlier this year, I was asked by the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) for an article in their Lancaster Thriving publication if civil public discourse was still possible today. My immediate response was YES! I then listed the Five Rules that I try to follow every day. First and most important, it’s not about me; don’t make yourself the issue. Second, be professional; don’t make things personal. Third, be prepared; doing your homework can make all the difference. Fourth, be principled; fight for what is the right thing to do and support policies that make sense. Finally, set a good example because tone matters. This is how I will campaign and serve as Lieutenant Governor.

As a Lancaster County Commissioner for 10 years, I have supported policies and programs that make sense and have spoken out when necessary all while working to find solutions to real problems. I will employ the same approach as Lieutenant Governor.”

Lehman was born and raised in Lancaster County, and currently lives there with his family.