York City School Police to offer meals with Thanksgiving Day ‘Plate Patrol’

YORK, Pa. -- About a dozen William Penn High School school officers are getting ready to put more emphasis on the "serve" in "serve and protect."

Their arms are fully loaded with food supplies to go on what they're calling a "Plate Ppatrol."

On Thanksgiving Day, a team of school police officers, and dozens of volunteers will set out to deliver at least 200 meals around the city.

People in need of help this Thanksgiving may call the Plate Patrol's hotline (717-849-1218) to receive a free hot meal.

William Penn High School chief of school police Michael Muldrow said "at 9 o'clock, people will be able to call in, and request the number of meals that they need, to an address or identify somebody with a need. We don't need a name, we don't need a reason or for you to justify, we just need an address and number of meals, and the Plate Patrol will be ready to go."

The Plate Patrol could use more volunteers, food, drinks, and monetary donations.

If you'd like to help call 717-849-1218 or click here for more information.