Shoppers pile into Park City Center for Black Friday

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LANCASTER, P.A. --- Park City Center General Manager Rachel Gallagher said they saw a larger "Gray Thursday" Thursday night than years prior which helped the early Black Friday rush.

Gallagher said the foot traffic increased around 11:30 Friday morning.

As part of the experience, an app can help shoppers find a parking spot or a specific store.

"Red" on the map signifies crowded lots while "green" shows open lots.

The Park City Center also offered a free shuttle service to help take shoppers who park from afar.

"We're trying to make the experience as seamless as possible for them...the rush of Black Friday morning isn't as intense as it used to be," said Gallagher.

For shoppers like Elizabeth Woods and Jeremy Clark, experiencing the smells, signs and services is the main driver to the manic malls.

"You want those things that you cant get online because your couch and your PJ's are really comfortable and with free shipping, the malls up against it," said Woods.

"It would've been a lot easier for me to just go online and do my shopping that way, which is kind of what I prefer but it gets everybody out, gets people together, which to me, is important. There's a lot of that lacking, in my opinion, these days," said Clark.

Rachel Strode said the best part, other than the deals, is finding the best spots with someone else.

"I think it's fun to spend time with like friends and family, like going out and actually doing something," said Strode.

No one at the Park City Center for Black Friday might be more excited about interaction than Gerry Setley.

During what he called his "favorite day of the year," he sits at his table, known as the "mountain of purity," just to chat with any passers-by who take a seat.

"People view Black Friday as their day to make Christmas their happy day and for me, it's the day where people will sit with me and talk and answer questions and there's no judgement. People of all colors and stripes, it's awesome," said Setley.

The Park City Center will be open an hour early, at 9 a.m, and close an hour later, at 10 p.m, on Saturday.

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