Veteran using art to start a conversation about violence

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YORK, Pa. -- A veteran turned artist is spreading an important message in York County through his art.

"We are a very violent society," said Chris Darce, visiting artist at York College of Pennsylvania.

Chris Darce is using his experience in the Air Force to start a conversation between parents and their children about violence.

"When you are born, it is kind of in us, the warrior mentality, it's something that is engraved in you," says Darce.

At his upcoming exhibition, "Man Up'", at Marketview Arts in York, Dacre is breaking barriers putting masked military men with guns alongside military figurines that would be in childs bedroom.

"We tend to nurture that and allow that to come and I think that's where were could shift where we actually educate our children," added Dacre.

Dacre says we have become desensitized to things like violence in movies, video games and toy guns, which inspired him to do what he does.

"I thought that was a good way to talk about how we use toys to play the game of war," he added.

Everything used for the exhibition has been donated, recycled or purchased from thrift stores.

"I got a lot of these uniforms from people who have served from Afghanistan or Iraq," said Dacre.

He says his goal is simply to make people think.

"I mean...I just hope that they re-think what is it is that we are teaching our children and what we are doing as society," added Dacre.