Puppy cuddles & kisses ease stress for shoppers in Dauphin County

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Dauphin County, Pa.-- It's been a busy shopping weekend. Some bargain hunters in Dauphin County got the chance to unwind a bit, with puppy power!

A team of volunteers and 17* future service puppies, from the Susquehanna Service Dogs organization, were stationed at The Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace on Sunday.

Shoppers in the midst of their hustle and bustle were able to stop and sneak in some cuddle time with the little guys. Staff says while this is a comforting experience for the people, it truly benefits the dogs as well.

"It's great socialization for the dogs, to get out and interact with a variety of different people and get use to different settings, it's a great socialization experience for them as well," said Kerry Wevodau, Director of Development for Susquehanna Service Dogs.

The puppy cuddling experience was free, however, the organization was collecting donations. Proceeds help cover the costs of training the dogs, which runs about $30,000.

Susquehanna Service Dogs is also looking for puppy raisers. For more information on that, or how to make a donation, click here: https://www.keystonehumanservices.org/susquehanna-service-dogs/

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