Learn how to save a life at an upcoming EMS event

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- FOX43 got to see what it’s like to have a day in the life of an Emergency Medical Service first responder at Susquehanna Valley EMS.

Captain Adam Marden, the operations manager at Susquehanna Valley EMS, said an ambulance is really like an ER on wheels—it’s much more than just taking a person to the hospital.

Inside an ambulance at Susquehanna Valley EMS.

He shared some of their technology on board:  one device can take a live picture of the patient’s heart and wirelessly send it to the awaiting hospital, another device lets first responders see inside someone’s throat and trachea through a live video feed to help open their airways, and also a lot of life-saving medicine.

Coming up in January, you can learn the same life-saving techniques that a first responder uses to stop bleeding through a free, two-hour class.  The family-friendly event takes place on the weekend of January 20 and 21 at the Hempfield Rec Center in Lancaster County.  The Hempfield Township Police Department will also be on hand to share life-saving tips, as well.

This is part of a national program designed to save lives.  In the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, researchers found that 30% of the children may had lived had there been someone to apply direct pressure to their wounds.

In this class, you’ll learn how to use the most effective techniques to stop someone’s bleeding and how to use what’s around you in a situation to help do this.

Depending where someone is injured, that person can die in as little as one or two minutes from blood loss, so applying pressure to stop the bleeding can directly save their life.

Susquehanna Valley EMS will also hold classes on Saturday, January 13 in York County at Hellam Township’s Public Works Building.

For more information, visit Susquehanna Valley EMS’s website.  There, you can register for the free event.