Teal-green Chevy Suburban sought in apparent road-rage shooting incident

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Police are seeking information regarding a shooting incident early Thursday morning in Rapho Township.

A male driver reported to police that another motorist fired at his vehicle during a pass on Lebanon Road (Route 72), near Elizabethtown Road, Thursday morning, just after midnight.

Manheim Borough police are seeking information on a teal-green Chevy Suburban, likely from the early 2000s, and the occupant or occupants of that vehicle. It is believed a shot was fired by someone in the Suburban.

The driver of a pickup truck reported that he heard a loud bang as he passed the Suburban. The driver initially thought someone from the Suburban threw an object at his pickup truck.

The truck driver later discovered a bullet strike on the passenger side cab area of his truck.

The bullet did not enter the cab of the truck. No one was hurt. The pickup truck driver was alone in the vehicle.

The shot was fired as the pickup truck driver was passing the Suburban – in a legal passing zone.

The investigation is ongoing. No charges are filed, as of Monday.

Anyone with information about the Suburban, or anyone who may have been in that vehicle, is asked to contact Manheim Borough police Detective Szulborski or Officer Colwell at 717-665-2481, or submit a tip here.

Source: Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office