6 Pitbulls from Mountainside Pet Rescue in Franklin County up for adoption

LETTERKENNY TOWNSHIP, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Mountainside Pet Rescue in Franklin County needs to get rid of six pitbulls today or those dogs will have to be euthanized.

It’s all because the owner of the rescue, George Statler, was charged with animal cruelty after an investigation into sanitary conditions at the rescue back in late August.

Statler says he should’ve been born an animal - he loves them so much.

However, this man recently accepted a plea deal on animal cruelty charges surrounding sanitary conditions at his rescue operation.

That plea deal means he lost his license to operate a kennel.

“That’s why I’m down to 25 dogs," explained Statler.

He can’t imagine having to euthanize the six pitbulls that puts him over the 25 dog limit in his agreement.

“I’m been to Vietnam, and I never saw anything more horrible than that fire and what I went through from then until now in my head and in my heart," said Statler.

Statler says some of the pitbulls are aggressive, and others can’t be with another dog.

“They are very manageable once you got them. They need to know to give them a couple treats, talk to them through the fence, and they’ll quit that," he stated.

Statler swears the pits can be good pets and will be adopted free of charge to a good home. He says he'll never give up on his rescue.

“When the last day comes, this is where I’m going to get planted, between two of my favorites," said Statler.

George Statler did lose his kennel license, but he hopes to get it back; he’s says he's going to fight until he does.