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New competition coming to 2018 PA Farm Show

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A new competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show is driving some judges to drink.

Judges held a taste test Thursday to find Pennsylvania’s best hard apple ciders.

Twenty-six ciders are in competition in seven different categories. Judges will pick the best homegrown hard ciders in the state.

Changes in Pennsylvania liquor law made hard cider production one of the state’s growing agricultural industries.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture spokesperson Shannon Powers said “the apple industry in particular, is incredibly important in Pennsylvania. It’s a huge agricultural product. It brings in a tremendous amount of money to our economy every year, and this is a way of apple growers being able to add value to what they’re able to offer.”

Judges will announce the hard cider winners on Saturday, January 6, 2018. The hard cider competition is a first at the Farm Show.