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Driver charged in attempt to run over Harrisburg police officer

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Three Harrisburg elementary schools got off to a late start Friday, after a nearby officer-involved shooting early in the morning.

The incident happened around 3:30 am, near the intersection of 19th and Derry Streets.

There are two schools located at that intersection, with another about a block away.

Having a police incident there, was too close to home for some parents.

Police said it started with a traffic stop, except not only did the driver speed off, but the suspect hit a police car, and tried to run over an officer during the getaway.

Harrisburg Bureau of Police Capt. Deric Moody said "that action caused the officer to discharge his weapon into the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle was conducted. We did locate the vehicle in another part of the city. The vehicle is currently in our custody."

The investigation caused three nearby schools Rowland, Scott, and Melrose, to get off to a late start, opening two hours late.

The police activity was too close for some parents dropping their kids off at school.

Parent Laci Chambers said "it's a lot of kids, you know what I mean, the situation, it's ridiculous."

"It's dangerous. It's scary actually, these are our kids, our future, you know," Chambers added.

Meanwhile, police said the shot fired by the officer went through the front windshield, and hit the driver's left shoulder.

The Dauphin County District Attorney's office has identified that driver as Tanel Woodward. They said he went to a hospital for treatment, and will be in police custody upon his release.

"Our officers were not injured, not as a result of it, there were some minor injuries but not as a result of being hit the vehicle, they were able to successfully move out of the way of the vehicle," Moody said.

Woodward faces several charges including aggravated assault, fleeing, and eluding police.

The Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Department is handling the investigation

Standard procedure for cases like this, the officer who fired a weapon will be put on administrative duty.