Loss of investor forces Lancaster Food Co. to shut down production, lay off 20 employees

LANCASTER — A Lancaster-based breadmaking company has been forced to temporarily suspend operations and lay off 20 employees after losing “a critical investment at the last minute.”

The Lancaster Food Co. announced on its Facebook page Sunday that it is “in considerable danger of permanently shutting down” after ceasing production 11 days ago.



Located off Greenfield Road, Lancaster Food Co. is a certified organic bakery that provides living-wage jobs to people facing barriers to employment, like prison records.

The employee layoffs are “especially hard on them, who counted on these jobs to sustain their families,” the company’s post said.

The company did not disclose which investor pulled out, or the amount of the investment. It said it is looking for new investors and hopes to return to business soon.


“There’s still a chance — we’re working hard at finding new investors who care about our social impact mission,” the post says. “If we do find them, we’ll be able to get back to growing our mission, serving you with great breads, and supplying the stores and restaurants who have been such great partners to us.”