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Sunny today, showers tomorrow

Sunny days sandwich Tuesday.

SUNNY SKIES: Sunny skies continue today, and all that sun takes us to the mid 50s.  Then, despite cloudy skies tomorrow, we get warmer.  We can actually thank a cold front for that.  Strong cold fronts funnel up warm air from the south before they arrive.  So, expect some southerly breezes tomorrow, too.  The sunny weather returns on Wednesday and we stay sunny through Thursday.

TRACKING RAIN: Most of us get a dry morning commute on Tuesday.  Then, at the tail end of rush hour, showers will arrive.  They’ll start west of Harrisburg first before spreading eastward.  Expect a rainy Tuesday afternoon and evening.  The showers end after midnight on Wednesday.

We’ll have a lot of showers Tuesday afternoon and evening.

GETTING COLDER: Because a strong cold front comes with the showers, it gets cold!  Look for highs only in the mid 40s on Wednesday.  After that, we struggle to reach 40 on Thursday, and then we get stuck in the 30s for the weekend.

Bring out the winter gear for later this week.

SATURDAY SNOW: A snow storm will just miss us on Friday, but it will give us cloudy skies.  On Saturday, we do get some snow from a weak piece of energy passing over us.  Because this energy is weak, we get only light snow.  Expect a bit more than a dusting, and the light snow and flurries will be off and on throughout the day.  We’ll track this closely, and keep you updated all week.

This is what you’ll see on Saturday.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson