Large-scale marijuana operation busted in Lower Paxton Twp.

LOWER PAXTON TWP., Pa. - Police in Dauphin County made a significant marijuana bust on Tuesday, seizing about $500,000 worth of drugs.

Local law enforcement said the bust happened at a home on the 1300 block of North Mountain Road.

“Make no mistake about it that this was a big-time drug dealing operation,” said Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico.

It's being called one of the bigger residential drug busts in Dauphin County, as 44 pounds of marijuana were taken off the streets in a place you wouldn't normally expect.

“This is what we call a nice suburban neighborhood, but the drug trade knows no boundaries,” Marsico said. “It's capitalism at its finest, individuals are making a lot of money and it just shows this type of activity can occur anywhere.”

Police also took in almost $90,000 in cash, precious metals and about a dozen firearms.

“You're talking about this type of volume, this type of money, this type of weaponry and surveillance to protect the operation shows that it is a serious concern for public safety also,” said David Spotts of the Lower Paxton Township police department.

18 pounds of hash oil was also seized.

It’s known on the streets as ‘shatter’ for its similar appearance to shattered glass.

While regular marijuana has 10 percent THC, the ingredient that provides the high, shatter is 80 to 90 percent THC, thus potentially far more dangerous.

“It's definitely something to look out for, because you don't have the odor, it's very easy to hide, it's high concentration and you don't see things like rolling papers and stuff like that, because people are using in those vaporizing devices,” said Matthew Null of Gaudenzia, explaining the dangers of ‘shatter’.

Three men, Nicholas Grubb, Aaron Acri and Steven Schaffhauser were arrested in connection with the bust and face a wide variety of different charges.

“Drug trafficking, whether its trafficking marijuana, or trafficking heroin, or trafficking fentanyl is a dangerous game,” Marsico said.