Man, woman arrested following confrontation with officer at York County motel

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Two people were arrested Sunday after police were called to a Manchester Township motel for a female throwing items from a room balcony.

Northern York County Regional Police arrived at the Econo Lodge along Route 30 around 7 a.m. that morning.

Upon arrival, the officer met with the motel employee who told him that the woman threw trash and linens from her second-floor room, the criminal complaint says.

The two then walked up to the woman’s room. The officer knocked on the door three times and announced himself as Northern York County Regional Police before the woman, later identified as Tamara Gaglione, answered. Right away, Gaglione began to act in a confrontational manner, the officer wrote in his report. The woman, who told the officer he woke her up, denied the claims of her throwing stuff as well as talking with an Econo Lodge employee. The officer then asked the employee if Gaglione was the woman he spoke with that was tossing items from her room. He advised it was.

The officer then told the woman that the motel was asking her to leave. She refused and pushed her body against the officer as she walked by.

The officer then attempted to place Gaglione under arrest for disorderly conduct. As she resisted arrest, a male, later¬†identified as Samuel Wile, ran from the room toward the officer and began to yell, “Get off her, she’s pregnant!” documents say. In the report, the officer wrote that Wile then wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him back from Gaglione. At that point, the motel employee stepped in and pulled Wile away from the officer.

Gaglione finally complied with the officer once backup arrived. She was placed in the police cruiser.

The officers re-entered the motel and made contact with Wile, who began to apologize for his actions. Wile explained to the officer that he wasn’t sure he was an officer and was concerned for Gaglione’s safety. The officer advised Wile that he was in full uniform, and had announced himself several times prior to the incident.

Wile was placed under arrest for assault. The officer then searched Wile. He found a metal tin with suspected marijuana debris and a marijuana grinding device, the criminal complaint says. Two porcelain cigarettes, which contained suspected marijuana debris, were discovered by the officer when Wile emptied the interior pockets of his jacket at Central Booking.

Gaglione and Wile are charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and numerous other offenses.

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