Temperatures keep dropping

Despite the sunny skies, we get colder each day.

COLDER WEATHER: Today, all that wind pulls in colder air.  Even though we have sunny skies today, our temperatures go nowhere!  We only go up a few degrees to the mid 40s later this afternoon.  The wind stops around sunset, and it gets cold tonight under clear skies.  We drop to the upper 20s.  Then, we get even colder.  Look for low 40s on Thursday and 38 on Friday.  At least we keep the skies partly sunny both days.

Bring back the gloves and scarf for the weekend.

WEEKEND SNOW: Guess what we can get when we have cold weather?  Yes, that dirty 4-letter S-word…”S”now!  As the piece of energy bringing Saturday night’s snow approaches us, we’ll turn cloudy in the afternoon.  We do start out Saturday, sunny.  Temperatures hit 40.  Then, Saturday night, we’ll get hit-or-miss light snow.  If you get the snow, and most of us will, you’ll get a dusting.  Then, we’ll have a few flurries and cloudy skies Sunday morning.  In the afternoon on Sunday, the sun breaks through the clouds.  The high makes it to only 36.

We’ll get some light snow Saturday night.

MORE SNOW: We’ve got a partly sunny Monday with highs still below average in the low 40s.  Then, back to the 30s we go on Tuesday because of cloudy skies.  We’ll also get some light snow–a bit more than a dusting.  Both of our computer weather models show this right now.  We still need more time to watch this, but we don’t expect much snow out of this piece of energy.  #StayTuned  Winter is coming a week or two early!

The cold weather continues next week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson