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Barb Gleim announces intent to run for State Representative of 199th District

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.– Barb Gleim has announced her intent to run for State Representative of the 199th District of Pennsylvania.

Gleim, of Middlesex Township, has been president of the Cumberland Valley School Board and is currently on the Board of Conservative Leaders for Education.

She believe she is well-equipped to help families work through tough times.

“The current budget is unsustainable, while we also have an opioid crisis, a workforce development crisis, and a pension crisis.  We just borrowed from future revenue in order to balance this year’s budget, which proves we need new leadership and a vision for the future in the legislature. It is critical that we reverse the spending trend, or it is inevitable that the people will be working for government, rather than the government working for the people.  I am a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility and accountability, local control, and removing government regulations that prohibit common sense growth.  I am an advocate for the business community, and support it in any way I can.  Most importantly, I will be an advocate for the working families throughout the 199th District.  I’ll never stop fighting for better jobs, safer communities, and a quality education for every child,” Gleim said.