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Victim’s step-daughter, accomplice in custody following Greene Township stabbing

GREENE TOWNSHIP, P.A. --- Authorities say Nicholas Shinn, 21, and Tosha Daley, 26, are in custody in Franklin County following their arrest Friday morning.

This comes one day after Pennsylvania state troopers found a woman stabbed and beaten to death at her residence.

The victim in the case is Jamie Daley, 46, the step-mother of Tosha Daley.

State police say they went to check on a home on the 3700 block of Mountain Shadow Circle around 11:30 Thursday morning after a repossession worker heard an argument inside.

When first responders arrived, they found Daley dead near the front porch.

"The victim was stabbed multiple times and then struck with some objects," said State Police Trooper Brent Miller.

Authorities say Daley and Shinn worked together, in some capacity, leading up to the event of Jamie Daley's death.

"Tosha did drive Nicholas to the scene, dropped him off and Nicholas is the one who stabbed and, ultimately, ended up killing the victim," said Miller.

Why the two went to the home remains a conflicted mess for authorities.

"One of the people we charged presented a murder-for-hire story and the other one is a burglary/robbery," said Miller.

According to court documents, Daley told police an agreement with Shinn was made the day before the murder to steal money from her step-mom.

Tosha allegedly told police that after returning to the place she dropped Shinn off, he got back in her car covered in blood and he told her he hurt the victim "really bad."

However, the documents say Shinn immediately acknowledged his involvement in the murder to police, saying he was going to get paid $30,000 by Daley, incrementally, to "whack her stepmom."

Shinn says he was provided the knife by Daley, who he says "didn't like" her step-mom because of a dispute over a Jeep being repossessed.

He also claims Tosha Daley found out about her step-mom’s life insurance.

Shinn is charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and several burglary and robbery charges.

Daley faces second degree murder, accomplice and conspiracy to first degree murder, along with a myriad of burglary and robbery charges.

Authorities say they will continue to investigate the motive to find a concrete story before court proceedings begin.