Vehicle smashes into 2 police cruisers in icy conditions

EAST EARL TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa — A car struck 2 police cruisers investigating a crash on US 222 in icy conditions, according to Ephrata Police.

Ephrata Police were investigating a crash just after 11:30 p.m. in which the driver lost control of their vehicle on the icy overpass and struck the guardrail.

The crash was moved off to the shoulder when a vehicle driven by Timur Yenikeyev, 24, struck the back of a police cruiser, hit the guardrail and the struck the second police cruiser.

Yenikeyev told police he saw both cruisers with their lights on, and he attempted to move into the passing lane, and lost control of his vehicle on the icy overpass, swerving out of control and striking police vehicles and guardrail.

Both officers and the other driver were outside of their vehicles at the time of the crash, and not injured.

Yenikeyev was taken to Reading Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.