Donovan McNabb among former NFL players named in sexual harassment lawsuit filed by ex-NFL Network staffer


Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is among the six former NFL players accused of sexual harassment by a former NFL Network employee, according to a report.

McNabb will not appear on ESPN while that network investigates the claims, according to Jami Cantor, a former wardrobe stylist with the network, alleges several instances of sexual misconduct and harassment by McNabb and other former players and network employees during her tenure there in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans have all been suspended by the NFL Network while Cantor’s claims are investigated.

Former NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp, who was fired in 2015 after an arrest for soliciting prostitution, was also named in Cantor’s lawsuit. Eric Davis, another former NFL Network analyst now working for FS1 and ESPN Radio LA, was named as well. ESPN said Davis will also be off of the network’s programs while they investigate.

According to the Bloomburg report, the lawsuit also alleges misconduct by Eric Weinberger, a former NFL Network producer now working as president of a media group founded by Bill Simmons.

Cantor said Weinberger sent “several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts” and told her she was “put on earth to pleasure me.” He also pressed his crotch against Cantor’s shoulder and asked her to touch it, according to the complaint.

She said she was also sexually harassed by on-air talent. Faulk would ask Cantor “deeply personal and invasive questions” about her sex life and fondled her breasts and groped her behind, according to the complaint.

Taylor sent Cantor “sexually inappropriate” pictures and a video of him masturbating in the shower, according to the filing.