PA lawmakers introduce bills to combat sexual misconduct in the workplace

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Female lawmakers in Pennsylvania are showing solidarity with victims of sexual misconduct.

During a press conference on Monday, women from the state House and Senate discussed the importance of fighting back against sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. They introduced several pieces of legislation to combat sexual misconduct in Pennsylvania.

"We need to set new rules and guidelines to send a message that there are consequences for these types of actions," said Rep. Patty Kim, 103rd district. "One can visit the Capitol complex and experience this historic building and witness professional interactions among members, the public, and staff members. Those who work here on a daily basis, all you need to do is scratch the surface and you will learn of a subculture that exists and has been around for decades."

One of the proposed bills would eliminate non-disclosure agreements, which ensure secrecy between accusers and victims after a settlement is reached.