Chambersburg man facing charges after threatening to kill woman, staging standoff with police

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Chambersburg man is facing charges after allegedly threatening to kill a woman and staging a three hour standoff with police.

Shawn Yarnell, 43, is facing aggravated assault and simple assault among other related charges for the incident.

On December 12, police were called to the 600 block of Philadelphia Ave. for a reported domestic dispute.

Police were told that a man was fighting with a woman, and the man, later identified as Yarnell, threatened to kill the woman with a gun.

Further information led police to believe that they would be killed if the came inside the residence.

Police were able to safely remove the female victim from the home, while Yarnell threatened suicide and suicide by police.

The State Police SERT team was called to the scene as Yarnell barricaded himself inside the home with multiple guns and continued to threaten himself and law enforcement.

After approximately three hours of negotiating with Yarnell, he willingly exited the residence and was taken into custody.

No one was hurt during the incident.

Now, Yarnell will face charges.