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It’s pronounced ‘LIT-itz’: WGN news anchor hilariously flubs Lancaster County town’s name

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CHICAGO -- Um...for the record, it's pronounced "LIT-itz."

An anchor on Chicago's WGN Morning News was reading a story about towns in Pennsylvania Dutch Country -- specifically, in Lancaster County.  The story was a follow-up to a story WGN aired Tuesday about the National Christmas Center in Paradise.

While attempting a riff on some of Lancaster County's other uniquely named towns, anchor Robin Baumgarten came across Lititz.

You know..."LIT-itz."

But that's not how she pronounced it.

Hilarity ensued, as Baumgarten and co-anchors Paul Konrad and Larry Potash completely lost it.

A producer eventually corrected them on the pronunciation of one of Lancaster County's best-known towns, but not before they had a few belly laughs on live TV.

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