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Police investigating theft in which man posed as police officer, received nearly $4,000 in money orders, gift cards


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– Police are investigating a theft in which a a man posed as a police officer and demanded money.

On December 12, the elderly victim was contacted by a man who identified himself as a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The man told the victim that they needed to send money orders and gift cards to avoid criminal prosecution.

The victim proceeded to send nearly $4,000 in Green Dot MoneyPak cards to the actor(s).

State Police are investigating the incident, and are urging the public to be cautious when asked to pay bills with gift cards or money transfers, as it may be a scam.

Police are also advising residents that they have received reports of an individual, using the name “Mark Davis”, who is contacting area residents and claiming to be a deputy or process server with the Franklin County Sheriff’s office. His phone number appears on caller ID as (717) 759-9479.

He allegedly claims to have an arrest warrant or civil process that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Police advise to report any suspicious activity to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department (717) 261-3877 or any local law enforcement.