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50s are coming…

"I'm Bringing '50s' back"

…but we have to wait a few more days.

CLOUDY WEATHER: Overall, we’ll have a cloudy Sunday, and once the clouds take over the sky, we’ll keep them through Wednesday morning.  So, you won’t need the sunglasses again until Wednesday afternoon.

TRACKING SHOWERS: Guess what comes with clouds?  Yep.  But, it won’t be that rainy.  In fact, only a few spots get a shower late in the day on your Sunday and overnight.  The same goes for Monday and Tuesday.  Though, on Tuesday, more places will see the showers than Monday, but not everyone gets rain on Tuesday.  Everyone will notice the breezes Tuesday afternoon.  We’ll loose them early Wednesday afternoon.

We’ve got cloudy skies for a few days.

WARMING-UP: It’s officially winter on Thursday, so a “warm up” this time of year isn’t a real warm-up.  But, after those highs in the 20s at the end of last week, I’ll call 50 on Tuesday “warm”!  Before we get there, look for a high of FOX43 (couldn’t help it) on Sunday and 46 on Monday.  Then, back to FOX43 we go on Wednesday and 46 on Thursday before the 50s return on Friday.

The 50s return later in the week, too.

TRACKING RAIN: Scattered showers roll in Friday afternoon, and they’ll wrap up on Saturday.  As for next weekend, expect highs in the 40s.

HOLIDAY FORECAST: We’ll have a pretty sunny Sunday, which just so happens to be Christmas Eve, already.  As for Christmas, we’ll get some more rain.  If you want a White Christmas, one computer weather models does have snow instead of rain, but I wouldn’t bet on that.  Expect it to be too warm for snow.  Though, it won’t feel that warm out, that’s for sure.  Highs will be near 40.

No White Christmas This Year.

I’m off for the holidays until New Year’s Eve.  So, Merry Christmas!!  I’ll see you on the 31th and all next year.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson