Neighbors react to Spring Grove homicide

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SPRING GROVE, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  Police in York County are investigating the death of a 24-year-old Spring Grove woman. It happened around 7 a.m. this morning. Police say the victim's boyfriend came home and discovered her body.

Police say nobody has been charged yet, but they have multiple people of interest in mind. They say it's not a random crime, and neighbors shouldn't be worried. However, police do say it's unusual for Spring Grove, and some neighbors say they are on high alert.

Detectives comb a home on the first block of Main Street, investigating the homicide of Samantha Stein.

"We have property crimes, domestics, and traffic issues. That's usually the gamut of what we deal with. This is atypical of this community for sure," said Sergeant Jamie Stalcup of Southwestern Regional Police Department.

According to Stalcup, it's the first homicide in the borough this year.

"It's not a place you have to fear for your safety walking down the street at night at any time," he explained.

Detectives say Stein's boyfriend came home to find her dead. 3 children under the age of 11 were home at the time; police say they are okay and staying with a family member. They have been interviewed, according to Stalcup.

"We don't believe it's a random act. We believe it's a situation that's been festering if you want to say," he said.

Authorities say they've responded to multiple calls on this part of Main Street over the past three months, some crimes committed against Stein, her boyfriend, and neighbors.

"We had an arson the residence next to the crime today. We had an arson there. We've had several criminal mischiefs or vandalisms to vehicles," explained Stalcup.

Neighbors on the block say they've had their cars keyed and bleach poured into their gas tanks.

Neighbors describe Stein as a nice woman who caused no trouble.

"Very sweet person. Good mom. Never saw her in a bad mood. Always happy," said Billy Jo Barrett, a neighbor.

Barrett says she's been concerned about the incidents, even attending a borough meeting this past week to express her worries.

"We were on edge especially with the arson. You know, the small incidents you think, 'Well, maybe it's kids... you know, those are things you can fix.' Arson, we're talking - lives could have been lost. I wad very upset with that," said Barrett.

A neighbor living nextdoor says he heard screaming coming from the apartment.

Barrett says she hopes police find answers soon.

"You know, we're just all upset for the family," stated Barrett.

Police are putting evidence together and still have to interview witnesses. They urge anyone with any information to contact Southwestern Regional Police.

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