PA Senator Daylin Leach accused of sexual misconduct by staffers

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Sen. Daylin Leach

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.– A Pennsylvania lawmaker is being accused of sexual misconduct. Several staffers say State Senator Daylin Leach, of Montgomery County, touched them inappropriately and made offensive statements.

The newly released reports of sexual misconduct are the first to involve the Pennsylvania legislature.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News reports eight women and three men came forward alleging Senator Leach inappropriately touched them and made sexual comments toward them. Two of the women who spoke to the Inquirer and Daily News were campaign staffers for the Leach campaign in 2008.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Senator Leach denied the allegations, saying in part:

The two alleged incidents that were described to me by the Inquirer did not happen. I have brief discussions in public places dozens of times a day. Of these incidents, I remember one only vaguely and the other not at all. But they both allegedly occurred in crowed rooms with lots of people and cameras around. I was never alone with the women involved. And I never, in any way, intentionally or unintentionally touched them inappropriately. It did not happen.” – Senator Daylin Leach.

Senator Leach has served in the Pennsylvania State Senate since 2008 and has been a legislator for 15 years.  He is also running for Congress next year in the 7th Congressional District.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, Governor Tom Wolf released an official statement in response to the allegations, and is asking Senator Leach to resign. Governor Wolf says, in part:

This disturbing behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Senator Leach should resign. While he has been a leader on important policy issues, this conduct cannot be excused. As I have said previously, this is not a partisan issue. The lack of adequate structure for victims to report this type of behavior and feel protected is inexcusable, and underscores that Harrisburg’s culture must change.” – Governor Tom Wolf.

At this time, Senator Leach’s status with the Pennsylvania Senate is unknown.

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