Local chef serving as manager in World Pastry Championship

EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The program coordinator for the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts is headed to the 2018 Ladies World Pastry Championship in Italy.

Chef Susan Notter will serve as manager for Chef Laura Lachowecki of Indianapolis, who will represent the United States at this year's competition.

The championship event is held once every two years, attracting pastry chefs from around the world who are looking to claim the title of "pastry queen."

Notter says her job is to ensure Lachowecki's success.

"I'll be giving guidance to the practices, making sure she can meet the timeline, giving input if I see something could be corrected," Notter said. "I think a really important part is that I take all that other stress away from her so she can focus on the food."

Lachowecki will be preparing a tart, a coffee ice-cream dessert, a chocolate dessert, and a mini pastry finger ring during the competition, which runs from January 20th to the 24th.