Man arrested after bar fight with off duty Wrightsville Police Officer

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A Manchester man is facing charges after allegedly breaking an off duty police officer’s nose during a bar fight.

Travis Lowe, 23, is facing simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness among other related charges for the incident.

Just before 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, police responded to the Knotty Pine Tavern in the 2500 block of N. George Street for a report of an off duty officer being struck in the face.

Upon arrival, police found Michael Carpenter, an off duty Wrightsville Borough Police Officer, with a bloody nose and red swollen face.

Carpenter told police that he had been a patron of the bar that evening, and that the bartender had asked if he would assist staff in removing a disorderly customer.

Carpenter said that he had seen the man, later identified as Lowe, had been causing issues earlier and the evening, and that at one point, an altercation had broken out between Lowe and other men.

At that point, Carpenter grabbed Lowe and threw him out the front door.

Lowe allegedly began yelling at the officer, and then attempted to re-enter the bar.

Lowe allegedly grabbed Carpenter’s leg, forced him to the ground, and then struck him several times in the face before other patrons intervened.

Police were able to review video footage and interview the bartender and a few patrons of the bar that verified Carpenter’s story.

Shortly after, police were able to locate Lowe in the area of Clearbook Boulevard after the incident.

He attempted to flee on foot after being told he was under arrest, and continued to resist arrest while he was being taken into custody.

Now, Lowe will face charges.