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2 men charged after allegedly impersonating police officers in Lancaster Twp.

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Two men face charges after they allegedly impersonated police officers in Lancaster Township.

The incident occurred on December 4 on Michelle Drive at Judie Lane.

According to Manheim Township Police, Johnny Irizarry and Chad Wiley, both 30, were driving behind another vehicle when Wiley flashed his high beams and then passed the vehicle, causing the victim to brake and swerve. Irizarry then shined a flashlight in the victim’s face, making it difficult for the victim to see while driving, police say.

At that point, Wiley stopped the vehicle in front of the other. Both him and Irizarry exited the vehicle and approached the victim displaying badges and handcuffs, police add. Wiley identified himself as an officer while Irizarry banged on the victim’s driver’s side window, causing $100 damage.

Irizarry is charged with impersonating a public servant, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. Wiley faces a charge of impersonating a public servant and a traffic offense.