Felony charges filed in regards to 2014 sale of missing York County man’s home

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DOVER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY -- New developments are being revealed surrounding the disappearance of a York County man.

It's been around a decade since Thomas Hayden's family members last spoke with him, and they say they have no idea what happened to him .

A new forgery charge against his step-daughter over the sale of his house , has Northern York County Regional Police and his family once again seeking answers.

A Dover Township home on Barley Circle is the last known address of Thomas Hayden.

Court documents state that Virginia Hayden's daughter Connie Pender, forged Thomas' signature in transferring ownership of their home to his wife in the amount of one dollar.

Virginia sold the home in November 2014 to Robert Denocourt.

He said he only met Virginia three times, and that she was quick to sell but he never saw Thomas.

Virginia's daughter now faces two charges of theft by deception, four charges of tampering with public records, and four forgery charges, in regards to the sale of their home.

Police spoke with one of Denocourt's neighbors in February 2017. Police say the woman was told by Virgina that Thomas moved to Mexico for ALS treatment and died.

Meanhwhile, court documents state a police search warrant of Thomas's medical records found no mention of him having ALS.

Police said Denocourt's neighbor joked with her son-in-law that Thomas might be buried in the back yard as she noticed Virginia put in a new concrete slab at the same time Thomas went missing. Denocourt mentioned the cement pad is double the size of most of his neighbors. He said police haven't asked him to crack open the concrete, but that Thomas's disappearance is a mystery.

On January 18, 2012, a Dover Township man walking along Conewago Road, happened to find a Foodsaver vacuum bag, sealed with blood stained items, skin and hair. That man contacted Northern York County Regional Police, who collected the items, and then turned over the evidence to the Pennsylvania State Police lab for testing.

Court documents state another one of Virginia Hayden's daughters, Carolyn Cooksey, told police that not only did her mother have a Foodsaver storage system, but that her mother once spoke of feeding a body to pigs that would eat everything, but the skull.

Initially, lab examiners found no matches in a DNA database at that time to identify the remains found in the Foodsaver bag.

Five years later in January 2017, police talked to Thomas's brothers about his disappearance. Police say the two men hadn't seen Thomas in years, but each provided a DNA sample.

A Texas lab determined their DNA was more than 400 billion times likely to be a biological match to the scalp contained in the Foodsaver bag.

FOX 43 News went to Virginia Hayden's Cumberland County home to find out what she thinks about the mystery surrounding her husband's disappearance, but no one answered the door.

The criminal complaint only charges Thomas Hayden's step-daughter for the forgery offenses. Hayden's wife Virginia has not been charged in this case.

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