Christy Mirack’s family remains hopeful on 25th anniversary of unsolved murder

LIMERICK TOWNSHIP, P.A. --- This time of year is never easy for Vince Mirack, 46, and his family.

"Most people remember it being the first day of winter. That's not the way I remember it," said Mirack.

For a quarter of a century, pictures are the only things he can see of his sister, Christy.

Friday, December 18, 1992 the last time he would see Christy alive.

"My mom and I went and had dinner with her. My mom came down to pick me up to go from school and she was coming home that next week. Obviously, Monday morning is when this happened," said Mirack.

On December 21, 1992 Christy Mirack was found brutally murdered in her Greenville Estates home in East Lampeter Township.

Since then, no one has been arrested for the crime.

"It's still hard to put my hands around and grasp, it really is. This happened the way it happened, when it happened," said Mirack.

As the case was reaching its coldest point, the mystery murderer was given a face in November.

The Lancaster District Attorney's Office released composite sketches put together by a Virginia-based DNA analysis firm, Parabon NanoLabs.

They show and estimate of Christy's killer's potential appearance at age 25, 45 and 55.

Mirack said the first time seeing the composite sketching brought a "gut-wrenching" disbelief.

"It was, kind of, a relief feeling because we're finally seeing a face that...I'm not going to say 100 percent accurate but it's pretty darn close," said Mirack.

Since the release of the sketches on November 1, The Lancaster County District Attorney's Office has received between 75 and 80 tips.

Officials say the tips are still being vetted, many of which involve follow-up, such as interviews.

Mirack said it's reinvigorating a sense of hope for the family.

"I think it's a process here but I think it's really positive move, that we're going in the right direction with these composite sketches," said Mirack.

He also said "one of his favorite parts" of the rekindled investigation is the launched website,

After running his own tip-based website, Vince believes information is getting to investigators easier than ever before.

"Before, I was getting information and passing it on to them and it was really hard to keep track of stuff like that but now, it's coming directly to them, which I think its great," said Mirack.

He admits he never expected to wait this long for justice, now 25 years later.

While he says he's never given up hope, he thinks this difficult time of year can bring something forward.

"People are coming home for the holidays, people that may have moved away from the area are now back, they may see this. It may trigger something like hey, that looks like so and so or that's really odd, you know, jog their memory," said Mirack.

He said just one tip can lead to the closure his family has been looking for.

"We're never going to bring her back, that's not going to happen. But I think it will just give us some peace that someone that did this horrific crime to her is going to pay for it," said Mirack.