Robbery thwarted in Swatara Township when woman pulls out her gun

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.–An attempted robbery in Swatara Township didn’t go as planned when one of the intended victims pulled out a gun.


A woman and man, who were from Lancaster County, were meeting with a person who they thought were selling them a gaming system that was advertised on Facebook on Wednesday. The pair met with the the seller, who was accompanied by two other juveniles, in a parking lot along the 500 block of South 29th Street. But things quickly went south when one of seller’s accomplices pointed a gun at the couple and demanded money.

That’s when police say the woman pulled out her own gun (she had a permit to carry) and confronted the would-be robber.

The trio fled and were later apprehended by police in the area of 26th and Brookwood Streets in Harrisburg City.

Police say no shots were fired and no one was hurt.

All three suspects were juveniles from Harrisburg, according to police. Authorities recovered a BB gun from one of the suspects.

All three are charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.