Last-minute shoppers in York County scramble to find the perfect gift

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --Hundreds of shoppers at the York Galleria Mall in York County were scrambling on Saturday to get those last-minute gifts before Christmas.

"Everybody waits until the's a human thing," said Roxann Gallagher, store owner at Miss Lucy's Dog Treats.

And with Christmas on Monday, the clock was ticking.

Troy Grissinger came to the mall with one thing in mind.

"I'm just trying to finish up on the wife," said Troy Grissinger, last-minute shopper.

His reason for waiting until the last minute?

"I`ve been working every day this week...finally got some free time and had to get out and finish some odds and ends," he added.

He says he has a goal. "I try to get in and get out as fast as possible."

Not even the rain could stop shoppers from coming through these doors to get last minute gifts.

For Sarah Bright-Phillips, who came back home to York from England, she says she found herself with no choice but to brave the wet weather, and do her shopping.

"My husband and I have come to visit with our children first the first time in actually 5 years....and we got here on Thursday and I just couldn`t pack all the gifts and everything so we`ve had to come out last-minute shopping to get all the last gifts," said Sarah Bright-Phillips, last-minute shopper.

But she says it's more fun this way.

"It does kind of get you in a Christmas-y mood when you`re out picking things and deciding what`s going to be under the tree...and then you don`t have to wait too long for them to open it," she added.

Other shoppers had fido in mind.

"I am buying for five dogs right now that are not mine," said Kris Stambaugh, last-minute shopper.

"I like to wait last-minute because I buy the big bones that have the peanut butter in the middle, so I wait and get those at the very end so that they are good and fresh," she added.

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