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Bishop McDevitt Secret Santa Surprises Student Body Favorites

Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County - The final night before Christmas break is always busy on the high school hardwood.  It is the perfect time to play because you don't want to have any pent up animosity during the holidays, so it is a perfect time to fit in a quick rivalry game, like Bishop McDevitt and Middletown.

Yes the Blue Raiders and Crusaders played a barn burner as McDevitt pulled out a gutsy 50-46 OT thriller but the story of the game goes far beyond the court.

The holidays are a time for giving and showing appreciation to those who may be overlooked at times.

The scene was middle of the first quarter, play was halted for some water on the floor and McDevitt's lead janitor was summoned on the court to make it playable.

In front of the student section, Athletic Director Tommy Mealy stood with a Santa hat and two bags.

Unsuspectedly, janitor Mike Collier walked to where the floor was "wet" and towards Mealy.  As he approached, Mealy whipped out a microphone and surprised Collier with a team branded parka.  Collier, in shock accepted and couldn't believe it.  Mealy then surprised the McDevitt team photographer with a parka as well. Great gifts for hard working people, that as Mealy tells us are "dialed in with the student body."

The students roared to their feet in appreciation for those who make attending school and events just a little bit more merry.

As for Collier, this was just something he couldn't believe, after all he wouldn't trade this job for any other.

"I have never had nothing like that done for me before, it's a heck of feeling.  I'm still feeling it," said Collier. "I can't, I'm telling you I can't even put IT into words, it's awesome."

Mike, that jacket is going to look great at many future events.