Pantsless VA man arrested Christmas night while standing in middle of Route 15

Gary Hull

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A pantsless Virginia man was arrested on Christmas while standing in the middle of Route 15.

Gary Hull, 32, faces a number of charges, including possession with intent to deliver and driving under the influence.

Around 9:50 p.m. Monday, Northern York County Regional Police and Pennsylvania State Police responded to the area for a report of a man, who wasn’t fully clothed, yelling in the middle of the highway, according to court documents.

While Hull was being apprehended, a trooper detected the smell of alcohol and marijuana. As Hull was transferred over from State Police custody to the responding Northern York County Regional Police officer’s, a trooper gave the officer Hull’s pants, a watch and a slipper.

Hull told the officer that he “wanted to be famous” and “was going to be on television” after his Miranda rights were read, court documents say.

Hull then gave permission to a trooper to move his vehicle, which was parked in the middle of the left hand northbound lane. The trooper entered the vehicle, moved it to the shoulder and noted that he smelled an odor of marijuana and observed a green leafy vegetable matter in plain view on the passenger seat, court documents state.

The officer then searched Hull’s vehicle. Inside, the officer found a partially smoked marijuana blunt, a glass mason jar filled with a brown liquid and a gray lock box which contained heroin, a scale and a cutting agent, court documents add.

A final search, back at Central Booking, led to the discovery of cocaine which was in a pocket of the pants.