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Central Pennsylvania communities prepare New Year’s Eve drops

YORK, Pa. -- New Year's Eve is fast approaching, and many communities in central Pennsylvania are already preparing for big celebrations.

Not to be outdone by the ball drop in New York City, in old York, York City, the tradition to drop a white rose continues this New Year's Eve.

It's just one of many unique and unusual symbolic items being dropped or raised to ring in the New Year.

New Year's Eve preparations are already blowing up as many Pennsylvania communities get ready to drop in the new year.

York City special events coordinator Mary Yeaple said "Pennsylvania has a lot of interesting drops. There's a lot of pickles, cigars, all sorts of things...to a peep. Lots of really cool things all over Pennsylvania."

The list also includes a bologna drop in Lebanon County; a wrench drop in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County; as well as a Hershey's Kiss raise in Derry Township, Dauphin County.  Meanwhile, the 'White Rose City,' also known as York City, will be dropping what else, but a white rose.

"It's a wonderful tradition. People look forward to this. People who grew up in York, remember the white rose coming down at the square, it's a great tradition. We're very fortunate that we have a number of generous corporate sponsors who help us keep these traditions alive," Yeaple said.

The 'Red Rose City,' Lancaster, will lower a red rose. In Hanover, York County, a borough that used to drop a black rose, Timeline Arcade is taking a break from its own tradition.

Timeline Arcade district manager Scott Steinbrenner said "Elsner Engineering made a whole new Pac-Man display for us, with a countdown timer, and it's going to be moving, which is a little different. In the past, we would just drop a Pac-Man, sort of like the way you drop a ball on New Year's.

Elsner Engineering Works corporate sales manager Jay Roth said "I've been bringing my sons here for the past couple years to take part in the event to watch from outside, and felt we could help them make an even better, even better Pac-Man."

Whether it's a cigar raise in Red Lion, York County; a sled drop in Duncannon, Perry County; or a pickle drop in Dillsburg, York County; many are just looking forward to ringing in a new year.

"It's just basically a fun time to get everyone out, we like to go all out on New Year's," Steinbrenner said .

"It's the end of the year. You're starting over new, turning the page on a new calendar. It's just a fresh start," Yeaple said.