Frigid temperatures prompt changes to local New Year’s Eve events

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. / YORK, Pa. -- Bob Buhrig, owner and funeral director at Myers-Buhrig Funeral Home and Crematory in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County is opening his doors on New Year's Eve, making his business a warming center.

"They can just come in and get a cup of hot chocolate, sit down," said Buhrig.

"We're right in the heart of our community and since this is where most of the functions happen, it's only natural for us to open our doors, not just in times of grief, but during times of celebration too," added Buhrig.

Not sure about cozying up in a funeral home before the wrench drops?

"First of all, you aren't going to see any bodies," said Buhrig. "Just come on in, it'll be warm, you won't even notice," he added.

In York, the festivities are being changed a bit because of the brutally cold weather.

"We were concerned about there not being an audience," said Mary Yeaple,  coordinator for York City Special Events.

Yeaple says that's why planned activities like figure skating performances, are being postponed this year.

"I don't recall a year that it's been this dangerously cold and we want to be safe; we want everyone to have a good time and don't want anyone to be sick," said Yeaple.

Outdoor decorations in York this year will also be scaled back, including the elimination of confetti at midnight.

"I don't really want volunteers and public works staff out here any more than they absolutely have to," Yeaple added.

"I think the die-hards are going to be out here. There are going to be some people who aren't going to be scared away, but if someone wants to air on the side of caution, I certainly respect that," said Yeaple.

FOX43 spoke with Dr. Creston Tate, D.O., Medical Director at WellSpan Urgent Care, who says if you plan to brave the cold for New Year's Eve events, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

-Wear multiple layers. If you get hot, you can always take some layers off.

-Avoid wearing cotton, it retains moisture and can actually do more damage than good. Dr. Tate suggests opting for moisture-wicking materials.

-If your hands feel tingly after being outside, don't rub them together. Instead, find a source of heat like a warm blanket or a fireplace.

-If you're drinking alcohol, Tate says to be careful. People under the influence are more at risk for hypothermia.

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