Catching a ride could cost you on New Year’s Eve

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YORK, Pa. -- Sylvia Webb doesn't have any complaints about going to work.

"I love it," says Webb.

Webb, co-owner of White Rose Taxi, says she works hard to meet the needs of locals who need a ride.

"I can't please everybody, but I sure try," says Webb. "We had somebody call today, they're like we know it's New Year's and we know there is going to be a surge and I was!"

She says there are some price differences many don't realize between local cabs and competitors like Uber, especially on holidays like New Year's Eve.

"I looked it up and I knew we were 10 cents cheaper by the mile," added Webb.

Webb says she charges about a dollar 90 a mile. Uber charges their rate. plus surge pricing, which can vary.

"I know the surge can sometimes be three, four times the amount of money," said Webb.

"On Christmas Day, as a matter of fact I got an Uber home and they charged me an extra $15 on top of what I was already paying," said Nathan Walters, York resident. "It did kind of upset me a little bit," he added.

But Uber driver, Yolanda Thomas doesn't see it that way.

"It's really not that big of a deal. We don't go that much up in price, but we offer great service," said Thomas. “When someone says they’re surprised, I’m surprised that they’re surprised," added Thomas.

So why the surge pricing? She says when it gets really busy, it's simply a matter of supply and demand.

"We try to meet our time limits," said Thomas. "We don't mess around," she added.

There's one thing both Thomas and Webb can agree on: Spending the money on a ride home, is worth it if you've been out drinking to celebrate the New Year.

"You'll get home safe and you won't have to worry about that big fine," added Webb.

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