New year, new you: experts talk new methods and traditional ways of starting 2018 off right

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A new year means another chance for many to start healthy habits. For some, 2018 will open new doors, like one, right into a Cryotherapy chamber at the York Medical Spa. 

"It helps enhance mood, so people with depression, anxiety, stress. I have people who come in for insomnia, but the biggest benefits I’ve seen and have seen for the past few months is the decreasing inflammation and the decreasing joint pain," Alison Shriner, Cryotherapy Specialist at York Medical Spa.

Shriner recommends the therapy for recovering athletes or people with general muscle pain; it's an alternative to an ice bath. She says it's also therapeutic for the skin and is useful for anti-aging.

Cryotherapy works like this: a chamber pumps out medical grade liquid nitrogen which cools a person’s exterior body temperature between 30 to 45 degrees for about 2 and a half to three minutes.

I decided to give it a try, and with only the required gloves and boots on, I hopped inside. What I learned, my arms and legs felt the coldest.

Experts say some people could burn up to 800 calories following the treatment, and Shriner swears by it, becoming a specialist after receiving treatment for injuries.

“I had two knee surgeries, reconstructive surgery and then a meniscus tear, a lot of joint pain," she said. "I already have arthritis in there from both surgeries so I was going 2-3 times a week for a month or two, and now, I’m down to once a month, and I have zero knee pain."

For others, the new year may bring a new gym membership or the opportunity to focus on continued fitness and wellness.

“My new year’s resolution is to maintain my level off fitness. I recently had knee surgery so I need to rehab and regain my fitness level," said Daniel Mallerich, a member of the Jewish Community Center. 

Experts say there’s a few ways to make sure your new year, new me goals are successful.

One, find a friend.

“Straight up, find a gym buddy. Find somebody to go with you. They hold you accountable; you’re never going to miss a day," said Isaiah Colmore, a physical fitness trainer for LA Fitness and York College.

Two, change it up.

“The gym is not the most fun thing in the world. If it is, you’re not going hard enough. Basically, you have to have fun, though. You have to mix up your workouts, change everything you’re going - weights, rep, all that," added Colmore.

Last but not least, avoid checking the scale every day.

“You’re going to get into your head. You’re going to become obsessed with a number," he explained.

Whether it’s a new habit or simply an old one you’re trying to revamp, experts say consistency is key for your new year, new me goal.

To learn more about cryotherapy, click here. 

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