First-time parents welcome their New Year’s Day babies

YORK, Pa. -- Father time has given way to a baby new year to welcome the start of 2018, as several proud parents ring in the new year with a new bundle of joy of their own.

While many people were ringing in the new year out in the streets waiting for something to drop, a few parents in central Pennsylvania were at a hospital, waiting for something else to celebrate.

For first-time father Naassire Smallwood, that meant introducing his daughter Leilani Smallwood to the world.

"A lot of family came out, a lot of friends. It was fun, everybody was writing times on the board," Smallwood said.

Coming in at 12:41 am at York Hospital, weighing seven pounds, 14-1/2 ounces, and about 21 inches long, Leilani is taking all of the attention of being a New Year's baby in stride.

"She's quite, but she's sassy, you missed her when she was up," Smallwood said.

"Its ironic, because I wanted to name her Famous. That was supposed to be her name, Famous Smallwood, and look at the press we're getting. Hey Leilani," Smallwood said.

Leilani will have to share the spotlight with a few other New Year's Day babies. At Lancaster General Health, Randy and Ashley Haldeman welcomed their newborn baby girl Rosemary at 12:57 am.

Ashley Haldeman said "she is kind of a saint. She's been sleeping and eating, and that's pretty much it. I haven't had any trouble with her. She's very laid back, very calm."

Rosemary's birthday was anything but calm for her first-time parents.

"Overwhelming, but exciting and emotional. There's so many emotions, that's the only thing. I'm very exhausted, but I'm very excited," Ashley Haldeman said.

Randy Haldeman said "so far, exhausting, from watching her go through everything, and just try to be there, be awake, and keep alert all night. It's been pretty tiring."

For all of the new moms and dads celebrating their newborn babies , this surely will be a New Year's Day to remember for many years to come.

"We'll definitely whoop it up in the house, definitely be a celebration every year for her," Ashley Haldeman said.

"I'm glad we got to bring in a new year with new life, that's good. It's different. It just feels special," Smallwood said.

There was a lot of competition for who would give birth to the first baby of the new year in central Pennsylvania, but from the looks on the proud parents' faces, they all won.