Hundreds celebrate cold New Year’s Day on the ski slopes

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WARRINGTON TWP., Pa. - Cold temperatures may keep many people indoors, but for some brave folks, it's an invitation to hit the slopes.

At Roundtop Mountain in Warrington Township, York County, hundreds of people celebrated the new year by skiing and snowboarding down the groomed powder.

Skiers from all over the area enjoyed themselves throughout the whole day.

"I think that we all kind of share this love for skiing and we're all off school, so it's a good day to be here," said Sarah Nagengast of Marysville of her group from Perry and Cumberland counties.

Some skiers made it their New Year's resolution to get out to the slopes more often.

"That's a good one, ski more," said Taylor Hutchinson of Carlisle. "I didn't get to get out at all last year, so hopefully this year there's a lot more of this."

Then again, there are always plenty of first-timers just catching on to the rush.

"It's pretty exciting," said Dain Vallie of Carlisle. "I just went down Minuteman, went down pretty hard, but it's alright. I'm just staying warm."

The cold means perfect conditions to go skiing or snowboarding.

"Wrap up, put a lot of layers on and you'll stay warm," said Quinton Egger of Newville. "Your fingers get a little bit cold, but your upper body and your legs are warm if you just put a lot of layers on."

"You get people who get equipment or clothing over Christmas, and this is a good day to come on out, you know, maybe get a couple of days of fun in before they go back to work or school," said Chris Dudding of Ski Roundtop.

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