Cold weather sends more homeless to seek shelter at LifePath Christian Ministries

YORK, Pa. -- Many homeless shelters in central Pennsylvania are filling up with people seeking a break from the cold weather.

LifePath Christian Ministries in York City has 20 temporary beds for people needing a warm place to sleep.

The recent drop in temperatures has sent about twice as many people as there are beds to seek shelter from the cold, but the director of LifePath's men's shelter says they will make room for more as needed.

LifePath men's shelter director Micah Heckert  said "when it's a dangerous situation outside, temperature wise, then we typically will just allow people to come as much as whoever shows up, so we do what we can."

Lifepath relies on donations to provide help for the homeless.

Heckert  said they couldn't do the work that they do without the overwhelming support from the people of York.