Pennsylvania climbs to No. 15 in the Humane Society’s rankings of most-humane states in America

Pennsylvania is part of a three-way tie for the 15th spot on the Humane Society of America’s 2017 rankings of the most humane states in America, the organization said Wednesday.

The commonwealth moved up three spots from last year after passing the Animal Abuse Statute Overhaul Bill that includes Libre’s Law, the Humane Society said in its announcement. Libre’s Law created stricter penalties for animal abusers, requires anyone convicted of felony animal cruelty to forfeit their animal, and addresses the issue of leaving dogs tethered outdoors in inclement weather.

Pennsylvania is tied with Vermont and Maryland in the Humane Society’s rankings. California is ranked No. 1, ahead of Oregon and Massachusetts.

North Dakota, South Dakota, and Mississippi are the Humane Society’s three least-humane states, according to the rankings.