SUEZ offers tips to safeguard water lines during this week’s arctic blast

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This week’s arctic blast of cold weather can cause more than just a few shivers for some area homeowners or tenants.

According to SUEZ, the sub-freezing temperatures can cause water lines in homes, businesses and underground infrastructures to crack.

“Because of this unusually cold weather pattern, our crews have been working in sub-freezing temperatures to repair water leaks within our infrastructure in portions of the company’s eight county service territory,” said Bill Kelvington, Director of Operations. “It is critical that our customers know that these bitter cold temperatures can cause major plumbing ruptures. We urge customers to take immediate steps now in preventing possible plumbing fractures in their homes and businesses.”

Kelvington added that although SUEZ crews are prepared for emergencies throughout the service area, customers are responsible for plumbing on their own properties. SUEZ recommends that customers run a constant, thin stream of tap water from a location farthest from the water meter to safeguard water lines. It is also helpful to open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to gradually allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing.

Kelvington said that because water expands as it freezes, it has potential to prevent water from flowing properly, resulting in cracks to water lines. He added that if residents notice water leaks on their premises or in streets, they should immediately contact the company’s customer service toll-free number at 1-888-299-8972, its local number at 717-564-3662, or the following social media sites: Facebook – SUEZ Water Pennsylvania; Twitter – @SUEZ WaterPA.

Household plumbing, water meters and pipes located on outside walls, basements or crawl spaces can also be affected, leading to costly repairs. To prevent pipes subject to cold or freezing from cracking or breaking, SUEZ advises wrapping them in commercial insulation or heat tape. If a vacation is planned, it is important to set the thermostat to at least a minimal heat setting in homes and businesses to help protect pipes during temperature drops and changeability.

If residents are uncertain about their home plumbing or plumbing system endurance during the cold months or in the course of weather fluctuations, contacting a certified plumbing contractor can help safeguard homes and prevent unwelcome bursting pipes and water damage.

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