Wild animals brave the cold at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

HALIFAX TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- With the recent cold weather, many people are concerned about making sure our four-legged friends also stay warm.

Many wild animals may be enduring the frigid temps better than most humans.

Since it's the middle of winter, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is closed for the season, but the animals there don't take off on vacation to enjoy warmer weather elsewhere, in fact many seemed content with the cold.

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, there's a dusting of snow on the ground, and a herd of herbivores that doesn't seem to mind.

Park curator Ern Tobias said "a lot of people do worry about the animals more than they need to. Those animals can take the cold a lot better than you think. It's mostly keeping them out of the wind. That's what bothers the animals as well as me, and most all the people I do know."

Tobias explains there are a few animals that won't be found hanging out outside this time of year.

"Some of the primates do have to come in, housed inside, some of the reptiles, other odds and ends. We just make sure everything has dry bedding, and stuff that does have buildings to go into. The animals out in the field have their buildings also," Tobias said.

While the wildlife park is closed for the season, many of the furry creatures could be caught enjoying their winter vacation, relaxing in the frigid air.

"There's more heat to them then you think. All the animals, they're generating their own heat. You do have to feed them plenty. Through the wintertime they're going to burn a lot more calories, so you give them extra food so they can actually generate more heat for themselves to stay warm," Tobias said.

The cold weather that has many people seeking shelter indoors, this winter may make some wonder if the animals should do the same.

"It's there for them when they need it. It's the old 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' It's the same thing. You can supply the place for them to get in out of the cold, but you can't make them go there if they do want to. They're wild animals, they like to be out in the open too," Tobias said.

Even though there are shelters for many of the animals, most could be found outside.