Trash collectors brave the frigid conditions

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YORK COUNTY, P.A. --- On a frigid Friday in Manchester Township, trash needed collecting.

Even with blistering wind chills, however, don't expect to see a frozen frown on collector David Ward's face.

"I actually love it. I'd much rather deal with the cold than I would the heat," said Ward.

The Georgia native knows exactly how to prepare for a cold day at work.

"Hand warmers, body warmers, beanies, face mask, two pairs of gloves. It's rough out here but I enjoy it," said Ward.

While he makes the work look easy, he said there are ways homeowners can help make his job a little easier.

"Please tie your bags and when it snows out try to use black bags instead of white bags and lids, possibly if available," said Ward.

Some collection agencies cancel routes due to the freezing temperatures.

Penn Waste Director of Marking Amanda Davidson said their decision centers around safety conditions on the roads.

"We want to make sure we keep our employees safe so if it's too much of a risk, we'll decide not to run a route or we'll delay collection," said Davidson.

Davidson also asks drivers to give their trucks 20-25 feet of space to prevent unintended consequences.

"If you hit black ice and you slide, you're not just going to hit a truck, you're going to hit a person," said Davidson.

Collection truck driver, Wendy Hersey, said the best things drivers can do is just stay cautious around them.

"I'm just more concerned about the guys on the back. The truck can take the damage, the guys can't," said Hersey.

Davidson also said avoid passing garbage collection trucks while going up hill.

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