Use of BB gun in armed robbery results in prison term for 18-year-old Harrisburg man

PENBROOK, Dauphin County — An 18-year-old Harrisburg man will serve up to 70 months in prison after pleading guilty to robbery and conspiracy charges, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office.

Curron Walker-Mitchell admitted in court that he and two accomplices, Trent Smith and Terrill Bethea, entered the S&K corner store on Walnut Street in Penbrook Borough on Jan. 24, 2017, the DA’s Office said. Walker-Mitchell was armed with what was later identified as a BB gun that resembled a handgun. He held the clerk at gunpoint, while his accomplices stole cash and merchandise. All three then fled the scene.

All three suspects were charged after an informant came forward to police with information. Bethea was 20 at the time, while Walker-Mitchell and Smith were both a few months shy of their 18th birthdays. The DA charged all three suspects as adults, since the offense involved the use of a replica of a deadly weapon.

Bethea and Smith were sentenced to eighteen months to four years in state prison.

Walker-Mitchell was sentenced to five to 70 months in prison.