Beef cattle at Pennsylvania Farm Show prefer cold temperatures

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- With below-freezing temperatures outside, many Pennsylvania Farm Show animals are inside staying nice and warm.

But for beef cattle, it's a whole different story.

"They prefer to be outside than to be inside," said Denise Dobbs, cattle farmer.

Cattle farmer, Denise Dobbs says beef cows enjoy cooler temperatures.

"It's actually pretty warm in here for the cows," said Dobbs.

Which is why she says they keep fans running during the day for them.

"This one is Oreo, White Lightening and Jack," she added. "They're used to being outside in these kinds of temperatures. This is the kind of weather that they like to be in. They don`t like it when it`s hot, they prefer the cold weather. "

Believe it or not, The beef cows at the Pennsylvania Farm Show are taken to outside stables every night to cool off.

"We tie them out at about 6 to 7 o`clock at night and then they`ll come back in the morning," said Dobbs.

"The beef cattle actually do tie out at night just because it`s better for their health and they enjoy the fresher air," said Sharon Altland, executive director of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

And when they are inside, Altland says they regulate temperatures in each room for every animal.

"Often times we have to regulate to make sure its not getting too warm in there. You have a hall like North Hall, where it has so many people passing through creating that natural heat, then that becomes a problem, more so for the animals," saidĀ Altland.

"It`s nothing, it`s actually better for them to be outside than inside," added Dobbs.