Dog crying & whining outside in cold for hours leads to cruelty charges against owners

STEELTON, Dauphin County, Pa.– A man and woman in Steelton, Dauphin County are facing charges, after police say they left their dog outside 13-degree temperatures for hours.

Ivan Bailey and Catherine Shoenberger have been charged with Cruelty to Animals, Obstruction of Justice and Neglect of an Animal, for the incident that happened on New Year’s Eve.

Police say they received several calls from neighbors, who reported the dog, a husky, was crying and whining outside. The dog was found to be chained outside with no food, water or shelter at their home on the 300-block of Lincoln Street.

As officers were investigating, they say the owners refused to identify themselves or cooperate with police.

Bailey and Shoenberger are also charged with Failure to Have Dog Vaccinated and Failure to Have a Dog Licensed.